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Nokia 105 2017 Version by HMD Global, Launched in India and The Philippines

HMD Global - the new home of Nokia phones - has just launched a new feature-phone both in India and the Philippines.

The 2017 version of the best-selling Nokia 105 has basic call and text functionality but also comes with a handful of features that could make it a good secondary handset for smartphone owners.

Flaunting a durable polycarbonate case, this handset's removable 800 mAh battery pack is capable of delivering a whopping 30 days of standby time and more than a whole day of talk time -- making it a great phone to have in an emergency kit.

Also, if you're a businessman who makes lots of calls within the day, you might want to get this one as an extra handset.

Nokia 105 2017 is also equipped with an LED Torch Light located on the top panel, which comes in handy when you're looking for something in your bag while inside the cinema or when you're trying to talk to your car at night.

Other notable features of this phone include its 1.8-inch colored display, familiar rubber alpha-numeric keyboard, and Snake Xenzia Game that's useful for passing time.

More affordable than the re-imagined Nokia 3310, the camera-less Nokia 105 2017 sells for 1,299 Indian Rupees or 850 Philippine Pesos. The handset is available in three colors, namely, Black, White, and Blue.